What is Dream Interpretation?

Who dares to stride through the realm of dreams will reach the truth

(Wer wagt, durch das Reich der Träume zu schreiten, gelangt zur Wahrheit.)

– E.T.A. Hoffmann (Translated by M. Trimmel)


I appreciate working with dreams since it is one of the most unfiltered forms of meeting your unconscious wishes and fantasies. I like E.T.A Hoffmanns quote and his approach to dreams and I dedicated my Masters Thesis to the topic of Dream Interpretation.


I am sure you have heard of Sigmund Freud who became famous writing his “Traumdeutung” (1900) and publishing within his theory of Uncounscious, Subconscious and Counscious. He states that in our dreams we find repressed wishes and with interpreting dreams we will reach a greater understanding of our emotions.


While working with dreams I have found my own technique of dream interpretation using Freuds, Adlers and Jungs approaches of Wish Fulfilment, Feeling of Belonging and Symbolism. All that is also included in my therapeutical work.


If you would like to simply come for Dream Interpretation I also offer special packages which require less sessions and have adapted prices. Please contact me here for more information!