How to get started


Contact me via Phone, SMS or E-Mail for a first interview. During working days I will reply within 24 hours.


At the first interview you get to know me and my style of working and I get to know you and your current situation.


We set an appointment for the first interview. Of course I will take your availabilities into consideration!


After the first impression you have enough time to make a decision! Reflect upon our conversation and then let me know your choice whether you want to start therapy!

Additional Information on general conditions

First Interview


The purpose of a first interview is to get to know one another and see, if we can work together and if the chemistry is right. The first interview is a casual 30-45 minutes conversation about what brought you to me and how I can help you – you can then reflect on the first impression and decide if you feel comfortable with me. The aim is to get the sense of “I can open up here”.  


Contact me via mail, by phone or SMS to schedule a first interview!



The duration of one session is 45 minutes.

Cancellation Policy


It can happen that you have to cancel a therapy session on short notice, but please do so 24 hours before our appointment. You can always contact me via phone, mail or SMS. If you cancel less than 24 hours before, I will have to fully charge the session.



Single Session: € 100,–  (45 min.)

Double Session: € 175,– (75 min.)

Couple Therapy: € 175,– per Session (90 min.)


Austrian Insurances offer a partial reimbursement of psychotherapy fees from €21,80 – € 50 depending on which insurance you are working with. Further details about reimbursement can be adressed in your first interview or found here



The setting can be analytic (lying down) or face-to-face and will be dependent on your needs. 

We will meet regularly once per week or at a higher frequency to work more intensively on single issues or in times of crisis. 


To ensure an ongoing therapy process, our appointments should be held on a regular basis.